Employee Monitoring Software

employees monitoring softwareAs a manager it’s very important to make sure you observe the daily activities of your employees. They’re not only significant in making sure their productivity is high and they’re adhering to the common rules of workplace ethics but also important in employee performance appraisals. In the past managers could only make out the performance of an employee by running observatory tests when the appraisal period was due or check their performance but now the advent of technology has brought new innovations that have helped those looking for fair methods of reviewing performance.

What is the employee monitoring software?

The employee monitoring software application helps monitor both computer and mobiles so by downloading them on your employees’ gadgets you will be able to review their activities throughout the working hours. Firstly the monitoring application takes minutes to download and once done is untraceable. Your employees will have no proof or knowledge about the fact that they’re being supervised and hence would remain their natural persona.

Once that is done and monitoring is started you will be able to review everything happening in the employees’ phones and computer. If its web-history then the application provides you a detailed list of all the internet websites accessed by the employee through either his phone or the computer. This feature is great as many employees tend to play games or use the organizations internet for personal use therefore the web history link will let the managers see the difference between serious and on-serious employees.

Apart from that the employee monitoring software lets you check the email, text and IM log in the employees’ phone and computer. Many times employees have ideas and discussions which are productive and their ideas are great but they feel constrained and hence don’t voice their opinions. Going through their IM’s, text messages and emails let managers view these discussions and find something productive. They can also judge an employees’ motivation and behavior to the company with via these communication networks hence its great benefit for something so cheap.

Employee monitoring software’s email log feature is a good option if managers want to look at employees and their secrecy. It’s important to make sure that the employees of a firm don’t send out information and by viewing their emails managers can make sure that there is no transmission of personal organizational information to the hands of probable competitors. Also managers can see if the employee is sending out resumes to other firms or is aiming to quit hence they can take precautionary methods beforehand and reduce costs.

The Employee monitoring software provides managers with call recording feature as well so if the workplace has suffered any stealing or theft then by reviewing and listening to the calls of the employee’s managers can pick out hints and then catch the thief behind the workplace theft.

This application will benefit managers greatly as it not only provides managers with an insight into employee behavior it also helps them to get vital information important in retaining and motivating them.


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t mobile mytouch 4g slide tracking app

T-Mobile MyTouch 4G Slide Tracking App

If you want track a T-Mobile MyTouch 4G smartphone then don’t worry the process isn’t difficult although there are many variations available when it comes to that. Cell phone tracker is a beneficial application when it comes to smartphone and especially Android phone tracking. The spying application provides insight into everything that goes in the smart-phone and sometimes helps users in case their smartphones get lost.



Review Incoming/Outgoing Communications

Firstly the cell phone tracker makes sure all the communication that takes place within the T-Mobile MyTouch is tracked and sent to you. The tracker takes notice of all IM’s, text messages and emails so you don’t have to worry about anything remaining secretive. With this application you can check all the IM’s that take place within the phone so if its WhatsApp or Facebook messenger then doesn’t worry the tracker will take notice of everything. Apart from that you also get to note emails so in case you’re a manager it will benefit you in tracking your employee’s emails to check how they communicate with other employees and if they’re motivated or wondering about leaving the current organization.

Web History

Cell phone tracker lets you keep a track of all the internet websites accessed by the T-Mobile MyTouch 4G smartphone. If you want to know about husband’s internet past time activities or if he’s watching porn or doing something unnecessary or wrong then the application will help you. If you’re a mother you can track your teen’s problems by checking the internet history and the links and searches he’s been to or done. If your teen is going through sexual problems then he might have resorted to the internet and you could then use that to find out why he’s been acting so weird.

Call Recording/Spy Call

The cell phone tracker application also lets users listen to calls via call recording feature and this is a good option for those people that wish to know what their loved ones are doing when away from them. Your husband might be cheating on you and only communicating with the other woman during work-hours hence the call recording feature will let you hear all the conversations he’s had. Apart from that the spy call feature is a good addition as it lets you listen to your partner’s surroundings by making a silent invisible call hence you can easily hear whatever happens around the T-Mobile MyTouch 4G. If your husband is cheating on your with his office worker then make the spy call at times to check if he’s up to something wrong and then catch him red-handed.

These features would assist you on tracking all the activities that take place in the T-Mobile MyTouch 4G and therefore help you in finding out the reality behind your qualms.

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Spy software for Samsung Galaxy Nexus










Worried about your teenage and his unruly behavior or distraught about your spouse and his secretive attitude? Are they using the Samsung Galaxy Nexus? The second part of the question might seem a little out of place but it’s not. In case your child or spouse is using the Samsung Galaxy Nexus you could be in luck as your troubles might have found a way to be solved.

The Samsung Nexus houses Android OS and that could be your gateway to the truth. If you want answers to your trouble then there’s one thing that will help you and that’s a spy application. The market is filled with spy applications but we will review the best for Android smart-phones and primarily for Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

Which spy app to use?


  • FlexiSpy provides a great application for Android users. If you want to get in a Samsung Galaxy Nexus smartphone then this application could be the little thing you needed. The application reads all text messages, calls logs, emails and also provides you a GPS tracking navigator. If you’re worried about your teen texting all the time and wondering if that’s the reason behind his falling grades then just check his text message log with FlexiSpy and read his text message conversations with ease. Apart from that you can also keep a check on your teen’s location with the GPS tracker so if you think your kid is lying to you about where he’s going or is then turn the GPS navigator on and find out where he is.


  • Android Spyware by Mobile-Spy is another blessing sent from technological heaven. If your husband is using the Samsung Galaxy Nexus then don’t think twice and download the application onto his phone and start your mission now-possible. The application lets you read your partner’s text messages and check his GPC location but what’s new is the applications extra features that let you check your partners web activity, social networking and contact details. If you wonder what your husband does on the internet and what websites he opens then this application could be great. Apart from that you can get access to his Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp as well and so go through his messages to see what he’s been up to.


  • Android Spy software by Mobistealth is great spy software for Samsung Nexus. The application lets you view the Nexus user’s text messages, browsing history, call details and pictures and videos but what’s different is the freedom of call recording. The application lets you record any calls and hence view them later on. If you want to hear your teen or spouse’s conversations then just turn the call recording feature on and lay back to listen to what he/she talks about.
These applications are of great assistance when it comes to Samsung Galaxy Nexus and in case you’re wondering how to spy on the phone then pick either of these up and enjoy spying. 



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samsung epic tourch 4g spy software

Samsung Epic Touch 4G Spy Apps

With a vast array of smart-phones available in the market it’s difficult to find applications designed specifically for them. The advantage of the Samsung Epic Touch 4G is that is uses the Android OS which is widespread operating software used in nearly all Samsung smart-phone products. Saying that if you want to spy on the Samsung Epic Touch smart-phone then you need to have an application that is compatible with the technology instilled in the smart-phone and even though the market is filled with spy applications for Android phones there are some that leave their marks.



MobiStealth Spy Software

This application for spying is a great notion for the Samsung Epic Touch 4G. Firstly the smartphone lets you review all the text messages sent to and from the smartphone. In case you want to see if your teen is texting late at night and maybe that’s the reason behind his sleeping disorder then the application will provide you with the complete detail of the text conversations, from the time sent to the content hidden in the text.

The application also lets you review the call logs of the Samsung Epic Touch so you can keep a check on who calls on the phone and when the phone call is made. Apart from that the Mobistealth spy application lets you keep a check on the user’s physical location via GPS navigation tracking system which therefore helps greatly when it comes to spying. If you’re concerned about your husband working late then use the GPS feature and make sure he’s at work and doing what he’s meant to.

The application houses a complete record of web activity so in case you want to check on the URL’s visited by the Samsung Epic Touch; the application would help you do just that. MobiStealth also lets you view the Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp conversations taking place in the Samsung Epic Touch 4G therefore if you’re concerned about your kid extensive Facebook addiction then the application could help give you the answers you need.

FlexiSpy Software

Flexispy software is another great spy application for the Samsung Epic Touch 4G smart-phone. The application provides all the great features provided by the other spyware's but apart from that also gives you freedom to view the pictures and videos sent or received from the Epic Touch and also record any conversations that have taken place. Rather than viewing the call logs and their numbers you can now listen to live conversations with this smart-phone application. If you’re worried about what your husband talked about to his co-worker or who your teen had to talk to secretly in his room and if either of the two are up to anything wrong then the call recording feature will help you accomplish exactly what you need.


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Samsung Galaxy S2 & S3 Spy Software

samsung galaxy s2 spy software

Did you overhear your husband being lovey-dovey with someone else over the phone? Or did you find out that your teen could be a victim of drug abuse? These questions can make or break a person’s life and the faster the truth is found the less devastating the consequences are. If you’re looking for an answer to such troubles and your loved one has the Samsung Galaxy SII then the answer is simple, Mobistealth.

Mobistealth provides a list of features that would help in finding the truth when it comes to Samsung Galaxy SII. Firstly the application provides a complete detailed log of all the calls done or received from the Samsung smart-phone. Apart from that users have the freedom to record their phone calls and also access the Samsung Galaxy’s address books. The software gives you admittance to all text messages and also record the surroundings with the spy call feature. You also will get a feature that would help physically locate a person via the GPS technology service and finally view all pictures and videos sent, received or taken from the Samsung Galaxy S2 & S3 smartphone.

So how can you use Samsung Galaxy spy application to your benefit?

With your spouse

Is your spouse working late hours? Make the spy call and listen to his surrounding to make sure if he’s working or indulged in an office affair. Also if you’re concerned that he’s lying about his whereabouts then run the GPS navigation and find out his true location. If his/her birthday is coming up then use the application to your advantage by reviewing his/her web history and checking the products he’s seen frequently and repetitively so on his/her birthday surprise them with the present and make them feel special.

With your teen

If your teen child texts all day and all night then that’s harmful to his health as it causes sleep disorders and physical pain in the fingers and its joints. Use the text log feature to keep a check on your teen’s texting habits and see the details of his conversations to check the time he was texting. Also try to go through his phone calls by recording them to listen to any signs of wrong behavior such as alcohol or drug abuse and refrain your teen from such activities or friends.

At the workplace

If you’re a manager then use Mobistealth to review your employees and their performance. Check out their web history to see which employees are serious about their work and which employees play games during work hours. Also in case any employee theft has taken in the organization then review your employees’ phone call recordings, text messages and emails to catch the one behind all the problems and make sure the real thief is caught and punished.


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android spy software for tablets

Spy Software for Android Tablets

“Alter your expectations from your teen according to their caliber – use Android spy software”

Android Spy Software that has been designed to keep an eye on teens that use Android tablets with a firmware upto 4.0 can help parents strike the balance that is required while parenting teens. This is important because teenage is a crucial time for both teens and their parents. Teens are rebellious and they get angry when they see that their parents try to over indulge in their lives. Also, when parents expect from their teens and especially regarding academics, they come under pressure. Some of them survive the pressure, meanwhile the others are unable to do so and they either become depressed or become violent. On the other hand, there is also increased peer pressure. So parents have to be very careful when they parent their teenage children, and Android spy software for the Android tablets can help parents know what their teens are able to do and what they cannot do so that they don’t expect from them what they cannot do.

Android spy software can tell parents each and every thing their teens do over the internet making use of their tablets. Once parents install the software in the tablet of their teens and connect the app with their online account, they can get all the information they need to know about their teens regarding their activities interests on their online account. The browsing history of the tablet can be viewed by parents, and also a copy of the pages and websites that the teens visit can be transferred to the online account of the parents. Moreover, the pages and websites that have added to the favorites can also be known by the parents with Android spy software for Android tablets. This can then give parents a clear idea about the interests and likes of their teens. So, they should then not expect from their teens what they are not interested in. Emails written and received by teens can also be read by their parents if they install the Android spy software. Apart from just reading the email messages, parents can also view any attached files or documents with the email message.

Android spy software for tablet can be very helpful when it comes to parenting teenagers since it helps parents find out what their teens are interested in.

Where to download?

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How to Have a Better Relationship with Spouse

How to Solve Relationship Problem

There could many reasons that are causing turbulence in your relationship and finding out which one, or group of problems, is the cause can be rather difficult and cumbersome. If you want to save yourself and your significant other a lot of heart ache use the android monitoring software and speed up the recovery process. The android tracking app can be installed on your spouse’s mobile phone, and through it you can learn many things you may have otherwise not known.

Your spouse must have someone whom they can talk to about problems they are having in their relation ship. For instance your wife may have a really good child hood friend that you know she talk to a lot about personally issues, or your husband maybe a religious individual who chooses to discuss matters with god directly. In both scenarios the spy software for android can prove to be useful tool, using its Spy call functionality.

The Spy call feature of the android spy allows you to listen to the surroundings that the target phone is in, so basically you will be able to hear your wife talking to her best friend about you, or you may hear your husband speaking to God about problems he is having or any other concern in his life. Once the android spy app is installed on your spouse’s cell phone, you will be able to send a secret text message to their phone in order to activate and place a spy call. The spy call itself leaves no trace on the target phone of any text having been received or any calls made.

Through the android monitoring software that is running on his or her phone a call is automatically placed to you, and on this end you can listen in on the surroundings that the phone is in. So once through the GPS tracker on the android spyware, you can see that your significant other is at a friends place or has reached the church or any place they find appropriate you can conveniently place that secret spy call and your listening live to whatever is happening on the other side.

Other than just listen, the android spy also allows you to record whatever you can hear and in doing so you can have copy, so that later if you happen to discuss any matter you may have heard on the spy call, you also have evidence to back up your statement.

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Induce independence in your Teen with the Android Tracking App

Cell Phone Monitoring Software

Many parents don’t realize that their teens are not babies anymore and still continue with the confrontations and constant interrogations. Parents who worry too much are now keeping things stable as their kids grow up with the Android tracking app. Constantly being after a teen makes him very dependent on his parents and hence leads to reduced confidence and diminished sense of responsibility. Parents although are concerned out of care can cause their teen to be left with no sense of independence. The Android tracking app allows parents to monitor their teen while allowing him to feel independent at the same time.

The Android tracking app can be installed very simply on any phone and then monitored by going online. Parents can log on to the online account and see what their teen is up to. Regardless of where parents or what time is it, all they have to do check up on their teens is just log into the account. GPS Tracking feature of the Android tracking app allows parents to monitor where there teen is very accurately. Very precise in its results, the Android tracking app can provide a complete location history with the date and time included.

Parents can monitor their teen’s every move without even talking to him once. Cutting down on the interrogation will assure the teen that his parents trust him. Responsibility is a major component of one’s personality; the Android tracking app will surely assure parents that their little boy is a responsible young man now.

With the Android tracking app, the calls and texts made from the phone can be analyzed as well. All the calls made from the phone will be enlisted online with the time and call duration as well. Also, any contacts saved in the phone can be unveiled as well. Seeing the call history parents can know a lot about who their kid is talking to and what he’s talking about as well. The content of the calls can be found out with the call recording feature of the Android tracking app. Complete conversations can be heard and hence parents will know very well what’s going on in their teen’s life.

The content of the text messages can be monitored as well. Any texts received or sent from the phone will be available for the parents to see. Even if anything is deleted from the phone, the Android tracking app will still show it online.

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How to Monitor Teenagers Smoking- Monitoring Tool For Cell Phones

The term parental control has been there since ages, yet still drug use by teens hasn’t really decreased. The Android parental control software will give a better approach to parents and make supervising kids much easier. Parents have gone to great heights trying to monitor the activities of their teens merely to prevent them from the adverse affects of drug use. Parents restricted children from going out more often; drugs were made available to them from friends in school. Parental control software will let you see what your child is up to and keep them away from drugs.


Use Parental Control Software To Prevent your Teen from Smoking

Thanks to the cell phone monitoring software, you can supervise all your children’s activities on their cell phones. The Android monitoring software lets you monitor children’s call logs. Not only that, the Android parental control software allows you to even record calls made by your children. Let’s say for instance you feel one friend your child’s is kind of shady looking, let’s call him Andy. You want to make sure you see what your child and Andy are up to, what they talk about, what they text about. Parental control software can record your child’s calls, see what their texting and even the emails their sending.  

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If your child is sending an email to Andy regarding him wanting to try drugs, cell phone monitoring tool will let you know. If he’s texting his friends regarding marijuana, parental control app will let you know. And if by any smart means, him and Andy are trying to talk using code words, you will have a recording right there to figure these kids out.

All in all, even if your child gets smart and deletes the texts, calls or emails he has sent, you will still know. This is mainly because this software isn’t like the ordinary cell phone log book, it records when an activity takes place and that record stays there even deleted from your phone. If you get the Android Parental Control software, your children will be supervised without even knowing it. No more sneaking in at night checking cell phones and no more interviewing your children about their friends. Once you install cell phone monitoring software on the phone, you will have complete access to the phone from anywhere in the world without even touching the device.

Being a smart parent you just have to log on to monitor the activities of your child and keep them away from drugs and its danger. Thanks to the Parental Control software you will be a satisfied parent and your child will be drug free and happy.

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Foster Home Intakes on the Rise- Keep your Teens at Home with Android Spy Software

According to New York Times, the government is expanding laws in order to allow kids of age 16-17 to be taken in by the government.

After years of decline, the number of kids entering foster care is increasing and parents need to get the Android spy software before they lose hope. No parents would like to ask the government to take care of their children, but when they things get nasty, they need to seek help from higher centers.

The Android monitoring software acts as a little helper for the parents in controlling and supervising their children, especially teens. Influenced by peer pressure, body changes and the popular trend these days, teens are making parenting harder. Doing the crime and concealing in well, parents often find out about the wrong doings of their kids when it’s too late. The Android spy software keeps parents well in contact with them to find out what they’re up to. Installing the software is really simple and parents don’t have to touch the phone again in order to monitor their kids. With the absence of irritating pop-ups or notifications, the phone user doesn’t even know that he’s being spied on.

The call recording feature of the Android monitoring software lets parents or guardian listen in to phone calls received and done from their kid’s phone. Having the call list with numbers and call duration available, parents can command to save recordings of certain phone numbers. Due to busy schedules, parents don’t have to be online 24/7 to monitor and start listening when their teen makes the call. Call recordings are stored online for busy parents to listen into whenever and wherever.

Along with the calls, Android spy software can save and transmit texting details online even if they’re deleted from the phone. Content of the text messages give a sound idea to parents about what’s going on or anything dangerous or inappropriate their kid is planning on doing. As they say its better safe than sorry. Finding out something before it happens, parents can go and confront their kids and talk some sense into them all because they used the Android spy software.

The GPS Tracking system of the Android tracking app can keep parents informed of their teen’s whereabouts and prevent them from constant worrying and anxiety. With all the stresses of life, the Android spy software is a good tool for parents to try before they give up and turn to foster care.

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