Android Tracking App | Track GPS Location

GPS tracking is the most desirable android tracking app because it enables you to locate the android mobile phone.

Catch Your Cheating Spouse

If you are curious about your spouse’s changing behavior and want to know what he or she is doing around or where he or she has been to whenever they are out for an official meeting? This android spy app helps you to locate your other half secretly without any hassle.

Know the Whereabouts of Your Kids

If your kids have a habit of bunking from school or college and you know no way to put a check on them, then you should buy Mobistealth android spy to locate the position of your children. By using this amazing technology you can keep a track on each and every activity and exactly know about their whereabouts.

Track Your Employees Secretly

Employees usually do their personal work when they are out of the office on account of some business work, hence Mobistealth android tracking app provides you a simplest way to keep a check on your employees and get informed about their present location.

This outrageous feature of android tracking app informs you:

  • If any new SIM card is inserted into the Android phone.
  • Any new contact saved
  • New SMS received

Other Features are:

Read SMS

You can view all the text messages sent and received on the android even if they are deleted.

View Call Logs

This feature of android spy enables you to discover all the incoming and outgoing calls made from the android phone along with the call duration time and contact details.

View Photos & Videos in the Android Mobile Phone

You can view calendar/appointments stored in the android phone by using android spy app.

Remote Monitoring

Android tracking app also enables you to remotely monitor the surroundings of the android phone.

Browsing History

This feature of android spy enables you to view browsing history without intervening in your child’s privacy, even if it is deleted.

Bookmark Logging

You can also have a look at the bookmarked pages.

Contact List

You can view the list of contacts stored on the cell phone memory.

GPS Tracking

With the help of android gps tracking app you can track exact location of your child, spouse, or employee on Google provided maps.

Location Through SMS

You can request location coordinates by sending a simple SMS, the system will send you with an updated location by SMS.

Tracking without GPS

If your child is present in a location where there is limited GPS signals availability due to any particular reason, then our Android tracking app by Mobistealth makes use of phone tower signals or Wi-Fi connection signals for figuring out the exact location of the target Android phone.

Stealth Club Account

Android spy app secretly uploads all the recorded data to your Mobistealth club account and you can view the data at anytime via internet. So, don’t worry everything is hidden.

Affordable Price Range

Mobistealth android spy software is available to you at very reasonable price range. It is available from $49.99 to $199.99.

Where to Buy?

Android tracking software can do wonders for your company, your relationship with your spouse, as an every minute check on your children and a trap for the criminals. Click here to buy the tracking app

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