How It Works

How Does Android Spy Work?

The Android Spy can tackle all your spying needs with great speed and efficiency. The Android spy basically allows you into your target user’s private cellular world where you can easily see almost everything that they do with their phones. The Android Spy removes the need for a detective or spy agency to come help you out; you only need a few minutes to install the app onto your target user’s phone. When installed, the Android Spy makes a copy of all existing data and reproduces it in your online account for your review. After this any addition, subtraction and alteration is reported to you promptly. The target user never finds out that the Android Spy is working on their phone because it secretly continues to work in the background as they go along with their daily lives.

Interesting Features:

  • Track your target user with or without GPS  or send  a location SMS for an instant location update
  • Get notifications if the phone’s SIM is changed
  • Listen in live to your target user’s surroundings with the spy call
  • Record their surroundings without them ever finding out
  • Browse through their surfing history
  • Easily sieve through their appointments/calendars
  • Access details of all their contacts with great ease
  • Create logs of pictures and videos
  • Record all incoming and outgoing calls and text messages
  • Check the call history of the target phone 

Additional Information:

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